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Upgrading your existing meter test equipment will extend its productive life and allow it to meet modern accuracy and safety requirements. We have experience in upgrading various console types - MultiAmp, Sangamo, Comptrol TC10B and others. We can evaluate your equipment to provide the best solution for your new requirements.


The following is just a few of meter test boards that we have upgraded with different options. Click picture to enlarge...


Upgrade Options

  • Full automation with a programmable AC power source, CCS3000 meter test sockets, RD reference standard, L3120C optic units and our meter test and control software. Existing cabinet and transformers are refurbished and reused where possible. New internal wiring and test leads provided.

  • Full semi-automation where our meter test and control system is added. Existing load control powerstats, transformers and current regulator are refurbished and re-used. A software controlled electronic power control system is interfaced to an Elgar 6006B line conditioner to provide demand test regulation. Existing or new RM-15 type reference standards (one or two) with optional software communication are added the meter test circuit.

  • Full upgrade to meet S-E-01 specifications by Measurement Canada. Various safety features are added (emergency stop, safe light, GFI outlets, electronic current overload protection).

  • Energy or Demand only upgrades that meet the related S-E-01 requirements.

  • Upgrade to our meter test and calibration system to provide computer controlled meter testing, pulse generators, meter pulse inputs, dial testing, spreadsheet reports, inspection certificates and more.

  • Upgrade to our CCS3000 meter test sockets for the ultimate in safety, convenience and meter test production benefits.

  • Upgrade to our L3120C optic interface to provide low-level laser alignment, automatic sensing of meter disk revolutions, infrared and red leds.

  • Upgrades to provide computer controlled relays that replace any switching operation.

  • Upgrade test leads or internal wiring.

  • Upgrade meter test bench cabinet with new back panels, meter panels, control panel, new paint.

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Telephone: 1-905-970-1375