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Our TestWare software and control hardware interface is used on both our new automated meter test boards and customer test board upgrades. Having a common interface for all types of meter test consoles will make your meter testing operations more efficient, easy to use and manage. It will only take minutes until you're testing meters with higher efficiency, control and speed.

This software incorporates many recommendations and requirements from metering technicians and hydro utilities.

TestWare also takes control of Excel (transparently) for meter test reports, inspection certificates, printing, previewing, document numbering and importing of meter and serial numbers.


Other TestWare capabilities include fully integrated and automated statistical analysis, certified test console error correction and separate meter set-up and report file generation with meter removal features. The user can also customize a text output file that can be used as a database or for networking applications.


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Main Screen   Test Screen     Certificate


  • TestWare is Windows 98/NT/2000/XP compatible.

  • Tests up to 40 meters simultaneously in one test run (expandable to greater quantities).

  • Communicates with both RM and the new RD type Radian reference standards.

  • Communicates with both Elgar TW and SW type AC power source.

  • Communicates with Excel 2000 or newer for writing meter test scripts (automated test sequences) and processing meter test data and reports.

  • Controls CCS3000 meter sockets and L3120C optic sensors.

  • High speed parallel communication with expandable Testcor meter test and control hardware. This hardware is FPGA based for high reliability, fast performance and expandable logic capacity. 

  • Controls expandable digital inputs, digital outputs and frequency outputs.

  • Built-in setup options for different type of test consoles.

  • Programmable meter test loads and test sequences.

  • Performs Dial tests, Demand tests, Pulse tests, Calibration tests Pulse Generation and more.


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