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We know that in order to meet today’s high efficiency meter shop requirements, equipment downtime is not an option, which is why our staff is dedicated to professional support, service and prompt response.

Maintenance Programs

We offer custom maintenance and service plans that will keep your existing equipment in top condition and continued compliance with Measurement Canada’s S-E-01 specification. The main purpose of a service plan is to keep this important investment in safe, reliable and accurate working order. This is accomplished by combining prompt service with scheduled safety, accuracy testing, calibration and maintenance. Sample Maintenance Plan for Ontario

Equipment Pre-testing and Report

Testcor offers test console pre-testing and test report preparation services for the S-E-01 specification. This is an excellent way to quickly and efficiently obtain all the technical and test data required for this thorough report. This will facilitate correcting problems prior to government testing.


Custom Designs
Our new test consoles can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Cabinet layout and colour

  • Meter panel configuration

  • Any quantity of meter stations



Telephone: 1-905-970-1375