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The TA21 meter station test adapter is rated for 200 amperes and 600 volts. It can be used in a variety of applications including daily accuracy checks, S-E-01 testing, troubleshooting and allowing both socket and bottom connect meters to be connected to the meter panel of your test console.


  • 200A, 600V test load capacity
  • Gold plated current connections for lower contact resistance and high accuracy
  • Current connections are recessed for improved safety
  • Several short jumper cables are provided for bypassing current
  • 200A current test leads provided (3) for combining socket and P-base meters
  • 200A current test leads provided (2) for external equipment or single reference standard current input up to 66.7 amps
  • 200A current test leads provided (2), each split 3-ways for using all reference standard current inputs with up to 200 amp test current
  • All possible voltage connection points (15) are brought out to blue banana jacks
  • Comes with locking aluminum case and manual


  • Troubleshooting all console socket connections (voltage and current)
  • Test load voltage and/or current monitoring
  • Daily accuracy checks utilizing an external reference standard
  • Combining socket and P-base meters the same type on your meter panel
  • Testing accuracy of 1:1 circuit
  • Test load access point for connecting various test equipment
  • Compatible with S-E-01 test procedures

Ordering Information

Test Adapter model: TA21

Email: sales@testcor.com

Telephone: 1-905-970-1375