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With the MTS3000 series automated meter test system, you can test a wide variety of socket and bottom connected electricity meters. The operator can create test sequences for loads up to 600 Volts and 200 Amps at any power factor. This automated meter test board is available in standard configurations of up to 80 meter stations. This product can be expanded to custom layouts of any quantity meters, if required. Meets Measurement Canada's S‑E‑01 specifications.


  • Powered by TestWare, our meter test and control software.

  • Includes high accuracy RD reference standard by Radian Research, Inc. connected directly to the meter test circuit. Full communication and control with TestWare.

  • User customized Inspection Certificates and reports in spreadsheet format are transparently updated with test results and test information.

  • Automatic console error correction.

  • Simultaneous test results for multiple quantities in one test run.

  • CCS3000 meter test sockets included.

  • L3120C optic interface has low-level laser alignment indicator and automatically senses meter disk revolutions, infrared and red leds.

  • Dual 3-wire software programmable pulse generators included.

  • Dual 3-wire pulse inputs for each meter station included.

  • User can create test sequences for loads up to 600 Volts and 200 Amps at any power factor.

  • Generates single phase test loads (2‑phase and 3‑phase optional).

Ordering Information


6th and 7th character = number of meter stations (1 to 80).
8th character = test load type (1, 2 or 3) phase.

MTS3010          MTS3040



Telephone: 1-905-970-1375