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Accurately test all types of electricity meters with our L3120C optic interface.  These optic units automatically detect and set adjustments for the type of signal received (visible/infrared LED or meter disk). Includes integrated laser alignment indicator with pushbutton control for precision alignment of optic sensor. These units are installed on SnapLOC adjustable arms to provide greater ease-of-use for the operator.


  • Works with electronic and electro-mechanical meters
  • Automatically detects visible LED, infrared LED or meter disk revolutions.
  • SnapLOC adjustable arms included for ease of positioning.
  • Integrated laser alignment indicator with pushbutton control.
  • Blue LED output indicator.
  • Can be reset by integrated pushbutton or our by our meter calibration system software.
  • Interface has 3-wire KYZ input to allow direct connection to meter pulse output.
  • Automatic mode detection, sensitivity level and gain adjustment.
  • Operating distance from meter disk or LED is 1 to 4
  • Electronic card is a DUAL optic interface for testing two meters

Ordering Information

OEM version for testing two meters: L3120C‑2‑OEM
OEM version for testing one meter: L3120C‑1‑OEM

Email: sales@testcor.com

Telephone: 1-905-970-1375